ProjectZero is the vision for creating a ZEROcarbon Sonderborg by 2029, based on sustainable growth and with many new GREEN JOBS as a result.

The ProjectZero concept is based on energy efficiency combined with renewable energy from the County´s own green sources - all documented in the ProjectZero masterplan.

All County stakeholders are involved in the implementation, taking responsibility and actions.

Creating Sustainable Cities is a global challenge and ProjectZero aims at being in the forefront.

Sustainable Dubai studies Sonderborg´s solutions

New thoughts on energy-efficient and sustainable urban development are arising there very fast
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22 % CARBON-reduction in 2012

The Sonderborg-area reached 22 % CARBON-reduction in 2012.


Rain gardens, which are in fact pools capable of storing rainwater.

Climate roadmap2020 recognized by C40 Expert Committee

The Roadmap2020 will be communicated to 63 of the world´s largest cities to be inspired by the initiatives.

Huge solar cell park at Danfoss headquarters

Danfoss is in the process of establishing a huge solar cell park close to headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark.

Bright Green Business

Change management at the community level - climate change through business.
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Climate and Energy Policy and Strategy 2012

The Climate and Energy Policy and Strategy contain seven focus areas for the City Council of Sonderborg.

Our Masterplan and Roadmap

ProjectZero is the vision for making the entire Sonderborg-area CO2-neutral in 2029

ZERO+ house

Early 2009 Sonderborg became the first city in Denmark to build a house that produces more energy than its family consumes in their everyday life.

Award 2010

The European Commission awarded ProjectZero Sustainable Energy Communities Award 2010
SEE award

Green district heating

Denmark is called the world champions of district heating and the Sonderborg-area could be named as one of the very best examples
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Electric vehicle

Sonderborg is a testing ground for electric cars and ProjectZero is a partner in “TEST an EV
Renault ZOE elbil

Coastnear windturbines

Electricity will be generated from multiple renewable sources, with wind as the most important source.

Linak A/S

Linak joined ProjectZero’s ZEROcompany program in 2009 and have become the flagship member of the program. In 18 months Linak has reduced their CO2-emissions by more than 25%.
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Sunpark Vollerup

Vollerup Sonderborg District Heating has built a central 6.000 m2 solar heating facility. The solar collectors supply more than 50 % of the local areas heating requirements.

Danfoss and Danfoss Solar Inverters

Demonstration of how to grow your business focused on Climate & Energy solutions.


Gehry Harbour

The master plan will transform the former industrial harbour in Sonderborg into a thriving urban area.
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